Estate Planning:Ensure your assets are distributed the way you want.

Why Estate Planning?

Estate planning is about life – in the present and in the future. Most importantly, estate planning is about the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you get from helping to provide for their financial security. A well-prepared estate plan will also help uncover alternative solutions you hadn’t considered or didn’t know were available.

Whether your estate is of large or modest value, your estate plan should be part of your total financial strategy and based on solid financial planning principles. In its essence, estate planning addresses the establishment or continuation of a tradition, one that involves the accumulation, conservation and distribution of assets in a tax-efficient manner. It requires a complex interaction of various disciplines and laws.

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Working with a knowledgeable team of professionals from Kazembe and Associates,  is an effective way of developing an estate plan that addresses your goals and objectives.

A New Home

Last week, full service law firm Kazembe and Associates hosted a special real estate open house. Now, to celebrate the success of the event, this real estate lawyer in Toronto is happy to announce $700 closing costs (plus disbursements) for real estate closings. Spring is the season for change—for new homes and nesting—and this is the perfect opportunity to find that real estate deal you’ve been dreaming of. Depend on us to make sure your deal goes smoothly. As your North York real estate lawyer, we will do all the grunt work while you focus on moving into your new place.

Multi-Jurisdictional Real Estate Law

Real estate law can be a complicated process, especially in foreign countries. Fortunately, Kazembe and Associates is a multi-jurisdictional law firm with lawyers in Jamaica who specialize in Jamaican real estate law. Whether you are buying or selling a home, looking for a new office complex, or running a large-scale real estate firm, we can and will take care of all of your legal needs.

We understand that operating businesses in different countries can create a lot of hurdles and red tape. Not only does Kazembe and Associates specialize in Canadian and Jamaican real estate law, but we also practice in Barbados and New York. With representation in each of these regions, your real estate business dealings are sure to be efficient and well protected. For more information about Kazembe and Associates, feel free to visit

Due Diligence: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling a Home

The sale of a home is widely acknowledged as being one of the largest contributors to an individual’s stress level. Complicated and intensive, home sales involve a number of different parties and occur in a business setting that most lay people are unfamiliar with. Whether buying or selling a home, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration, and expert knowledge about the intricacies of the process is sure to prove invaluable.

A home sale can be made easier through the services of experienced real estate agents, mortgage brokerages and lawyers. By allowing professionals to deal with the details of this complicated process, home buyers or sellers can focus their energy and attention on the coming changes in their lives, thus alleviating the stress brought on by this transitional period. In the free seminar “Due Diligence: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling a Home,” professionals from Kazembe and Associates will explain the process in detail. They will also provide you with the resources necessary to get in touch with the appropriate agents and service providers. Anyone actively considering a home sale or purchase—or simply interested in developing a better understanding of the home sale process—is invited to attend.

All Work and no Play: When Your Work Becomes Difficult

For a lucky few who make a living doing what they love, going to work is a pleasure to be looked forward to. For others, however, it can become a necessary chore that is only borderline tolerable. In this case, extra stresses beyond those normally experienced at the workplace can serve to exacerbate the situation and cause many to dread their daily routine. When these negative external factors become a chronic problem, it is important to know your legal rights, as well as the steps necessary to resolve any contributing issues.

Disagreements with co-workers and management, racial and gender discrimination, ethical discrepancies and even bullying can all lead to an unpleasant work experience. Although laws have been put into place to protect the rights of both employees and employers, many of us are unaware of the full scope of our rights, or may find ourselves in a situation where asserting our rights can seem risky. By increasing our understanding of the legal issues at play in the workplace, we can equip ourselves to stand up for our personal rights, subsequently creating a safer, more enjoyable work environment for all parties involved. In turn, this leads to a more productive environment that is conducive to progress, innovation and success.

If you are experiencing a violation of your rights in the workplace, or would like to know more about laws related to labor and the employer/employee relationship, join us for our free seminar “All Work and no Play: When Your Work Becomes Difficult.”

Human Rights in Ontario: Guest Speaker from Human Rights Commission

Although the basic human rights are universal—or at least should be—different regions face different problems with human rights violations. While one country might struggle with guaranteeing basic necessities to disenfranchised portions of the population while a small minority abuses its power and accumulates wealth at the expense of the environment, another may face problems with human trafficking or abuses in the health care system. But whatever manifestation these various problems take, they all represent violations of basic rights that must be enjoyed by all members of our global community if equality, sustainability, and universal prosperity are to become more than an idealistic pipe dream.

This week, Kazembe and Associates’ free seminar series In the Know will feature a special guest speaker from the Human Rights Commission. As our topic of discussion, we will focus on human rights issues in Ontario, including recent successes, common violations and what we can do as individuals to guarantee the rights of our fellow community members. A must-attend for anyone concerned about their own rights and the rights of others, this event promises to be one of the most important of the series.

This is part of Kazembe and Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe and Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

Holy #@$*, I’m Being Sued: Knowing Your Course of Action

For most professionals—and individuals in general—a lawsuit is a total nightmare. Ranging from annoying and time consuming to financially and professionally crippling, a lawsuit upsets your personal and professional life, drains resources, causes huge amounts of stress and can result in a damaged reputation (or worse). With lawsuits becoming increasingly common in our society, it is essential that you protect yourself by knowing the appropriate course of action to take should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. In addition, preemptive preparation can prove indispensable should a lawsuit manifest, particularly for those in service industries frequented by litigation.

The lawyers of Kazembe and Associates are experts when it comes to dealing with all types of lawsuits. This week, our free In the Know seminar entitled “Holy #@$*, I’m Being Sued: Knowing Your Course of Action” is geared at preparing you for the worst-case scenario. Our experienced representatives will explain in detail the various steps you can take to deal with a lawsuit, and to protect yourself from potential litigation in the first place. Protect yourself, your family, your business and your personal assets by joining us for this special event and increasing your understanding of the litigation system.

This is part of Kazembe and Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe and Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

Where There’s a Will: Estate Planning

Estate planning is far from a popular task in Western society, which tends to have an aversion to anything death-related. However, it is never wise to leave essential decisions and preparations to the last moment—particularly when one considers the life’s various uncertainties.

By planning your estate in advance, you can save your family a huge amount of stress and added pain in the event of your passing, and also protect large portions of your estate from inheritance taxation. In addition, integrating your advanced directive into a legally binding document can also provide a sense of peace, particularly when facing health issues and the trials of aging.

Although many are put off by the perceived morbidity of creating a will, the reality of life is that our time together is limited, and we can never know for sure how many days we have left. By outlining our last wishes in advance and doing away with any related worries, we can free ourselves to more fully enjoy the time we have with our loved ones, creating a lasting legacy of shared memories that extends far beyond a simple inheritance. 

This is part of Kazembe and Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe and Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

He Said, She Said: Broken Contracts

The legal system can be a confusing place to navigate, and contract law in particular can be downright frightening. However, we enter into contracts all the time, and it is important to understand the ramifications of the agreements we make. Although legal representation is always the best option when facing issues related to contracts, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of the ins and outs of the system yourself.

Contracts can take on a host of different forms. We enter into contracts when we lease, purchase or sell homes, gain employment or employ others, purchase mobile phone and Internet plans, and even do something as simple as making a verbal agreement. Some contracts are stated in an obvious manner, while others are simply assumed, which means that you may be entering into a contract without even knowing you are doing so.

When a contract is broken, the repercussions can vary widely. If you believe you are at risk of breaking a contract, or if someone else has infringed upon your rights by disregarding the terms of a legally binding agreement, it is essential for you to gain a better understanding of contract law and to enlist the help of experienced professionals. At Kazembe and Associates’ free seminar “He Said, She Said: Broken Contracts,” you will find the support and information you need to protect yourself and your interests in any situation involving broken contracts and contract law in general.

This is part of Kazembe and Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe and Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying is often thought of as a childhood phenomenon—one that is grown out of with the maturity of adulthood. The reality, however, is that some unhappy folks remain bullies even after moving beyond high school and puberty and the other stresses of maturation. These people are often suffering from painful experiences themselves, and are taking their unvoiced frustrations out on others. No matter the genesis of this behavior, however, it cannot be tolerated—particularly in a professional setting.

Bullying in the workplace has the potential to create more than just a bad day for all involved. When co-workers assert themselves in an unhealthy and unprofessional manner, they are effectively undermining the efficiency and safety of the workplace. This can reflect poorly on you as a member of the company, and can even endanger your life in certain situations (particularly in industrial settings). When this type of behavior is encountered, it must be dealt with immediately.

As with childhood, adult and workplace bullies can be intimidating, and victims are often afraid to take action to resolve the problem. Unlike schoolyard terrors, however, workplace bullies are adults and subject to adult discipline. Any truly violent or threatening behavior is subject to legal recourse, and victims must keep this in mind when they are being frightened and dominated into tolerating bullying. Ultimately, bullies are typically weak people who prey on those that they perceive to be weaker than themselves in order to artificially boost their lost self-image. The best way to end bullying is to stand up to the aggressor—not through violence, but through thought-out proactive steps that may require the involvement of the law. Start by enlisting the support of your co-workers and employers. Then, if further action is required, consider seeking legal counsel.